The Strength in our Family.

I struggle a lot.  I sort of live my life wondering (and worrying) about what comes next.  There are times when I feel so worn out from it all that I look at my calendar of appointments, activities and work and I want to run and hide.  I panic and I start to freak out and think we can’t possibly do it all.   There is one person in this world that shares all of that with me and that’s Jason and I really couldn’t do this without him.  He’s the strength in this family, he keeps us going when I’m ready to crawl into bed and call it quits.   He keeps us afloat when I’m planning to abandon ship!  Jason is the one that reminds me that we always get through it – together we get through everything.  I will openly admit (and I think that Jason would too) that we handle things very differently.  While I’m running around having an all out panic attack, he’s cool as a cucumber but I know that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t feel the stress every bit as much as I do and I truly admire his ability to let things go because I can’t seem to manage that.  As maddening as it is at times I appreciate the calm way in which he deals with our lives.   Jason and I are a team and I’m really lucky to have him as my partner in all this craziness.   He’s just a great guy.  He’s smart, he works his butt off for our family and he loves us and we know that no matter what he’ll always be there.   Jason alone deserves every bit of the credit for the person he is.  He is a great father and husband because he makes the choice to be, not everyone makes that choice but I’m thankful that he does.  Today is Jason’s birthday and I want to thank him for all that he does for our family.   I hope he knows how much we love him – kids, wife and dogs.  Happy Birthday!